Monday, August 06, 2007

Singapore Diaries - II

My impression about Singapore didn’t change much. Yes, I noticed that it’s a young nation. It has its own history, but it appears to be a nation, that is more busier creating history rather than cherishing it.

Its shining nights, impressive architecture, and evident affluence make it a wonderful place. Singapore is a city, full of shopping malls and restaurants. The favourite pastime of Singaporeans seems to be eating out. Even tourists, some of those that I managed to talk to, mentioned that they liked Singapore because of vast shopping possibilities that it offers. There were some budget travellers, like me, who don’t do any shopping. However, for them Singapore was mainly a hopping destination. Either they were on their way to Eastern Asia or Down under.

Diversity of Singapore is quite prominent. At the same time, lack of mixture is equally conspicuous. Main ethnic groups here are Chinese, Malay and Indians. However, apparently they live in quite close-knit communities and there is little mixture among them. Such protected coexistence makes Singapore even more interesting. A visitor at the hostel, Monica (from Romania) made an interesting observation. She said, all the communities have a peculiar smell. Neither, fragrance nor bad smell, but a peculiar smell. It’s so unique only here. This was her first experience with Asia. Probably, I being an Asian never noticed it.

One day I accidentally met Kenneth Rutherford. Rutherford was a stylish batsman and an ex captain. I saw him walking on Bras Basah road. He was walking briskly due to light drizzling. I immediately approached him and asked him, “Excuse me! are you Mr. Rutherford?” He was a bit surprised, so after a moment he said, “Yes”. I said I was an admirer of your game; I am a big fan of Cricket. He said, “Nice. Good memory. Thanks for remembering me.” As we were going in the same direction we started walking together. We started talking about cricket, the famous semi final of the world cup 1992, which New Zealand lost to Pakistan. I told him, showing off my memory, “you didn’t open your account for 21 deliveries in that game, but then you had an entertaining partnership with Martin Crowe.”. He said, “24. I didn’t open my account for 24 deliveries. You got it wrong!” I smiled. During that brief conversation, he made an interesting comment, “In cricket, every game is won, in hindsight”. Later, I was thinking. That’s so true for life as well. Every moment is lived perfectly in hindsight. Unfortunately, that hardly counts. The moment needs to be lived, in the moment itself. Not in hindsight.

While roaming around the Singapore River at night, once again I bumped into a shoot. I forgot the names of the star, but the makeup woman of the heroine told me that they were quite famous. Just one more event to boast about!

Finally I had the chance to see the beautiful underwater world at Sentosa Island. I was more and more surprised as to why we kill such beautiful animals, just to satisfy our never satiable appetite. Several luxury hotels in this part of the world, offer shark fin soup. To prepare this soup, shark fins are cut and then shark is left in the sea. Where shark bleeds to death, painfully. Well, some day the world would change! That’s all I could think, while observing this sunset at Sentosa. The last sunset in Singapore, at least for now!


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