Monday, July 23, 2007

Singapore Diaries - I

Finally, I travelled eastward from my home, for the first time. Really, even when I was in India, I had mostly been travelling towards north, northwest, south and southeast. For the first time, I have come to Singapore. I am going to spend a few days more here. But still, I couldn’t resist sharing my initial impression.

Singapore reminds me of Mumbai. Probably, due to similarities in their histories. Originally both of them were fishermen’s villages, the British recognised their potentials and today they are one of the most important cities in the world, especially in the corporate world. Even the weather reminds me of Mumbai: Humidity, heat and random showers!

Thomas Raffles (the picture on the right) identified the potential of this city and developed it into a busy port. After it’s independence in 1965, Singapore has emerged as an example of one of the best governed states that despite scarce natural resources has gained tremendous economic success. Singapore is quite a modern and organized city. The economic progress and a very high standard of living are quite visible. Dominance of modern architecture is an evidence that most of its progress has been quite recent. I am attaching a few images of Singapore.

The problem with a city full of skyscrapers is that you always have the feeling that someone is watching you. You are being looked at. But then, sheer size of these buildings along with crowds on the street, make you feel little, trivial, and anonymous. And anonymity is the biggest fear, that human beings have……..

Well, these are initial impressions, subject to change. Will write more later,

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Anonymous said...

Dear K,

it has been such a long time since I have last read your wonderful stray thoughts and as always, when I finally get a good chance to read your texts with the necessarypeace of mind in a moment of leasure, I love what you describe and reflect upon and the way you share these reflections.

Myself, I wish I could explore the four directions of the winds like you do,but for now I will still be reduced to minor journeys only... for the obvious reasons of an infant son and the need to go to work in Berlin. But the time will come when the infant is not an infant anymore and the job will be a bit more generous in its financial reward... and then we might finally and again go East, West, North and South, too!

Beso grande!