Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Small Step, Big Dream

Robin sharma says “life sends you very much what you expect!” I somehow never believed it completely, until last 11th October, 2006. On that day, life just didn’t send me what I expected, it rather sent me what I had dreamt. A dream which always looked unachievable. A dream which, made me look immature in my own eyes. The dream was, to see myself on a big screen, in a movie.

I did see myself in a movie. On a big screen. I saw myself, walking, talking, playing harmonica, playing small drums, speaking. I didn’t like any of what I saw myself doing. I didn’t like myself in general. However, what excited me was the fact that more than 500 people, sitting in a cinema hall with a capacity of around 600 people were watching me, laughing at me, recognising me. The event was the launch of documentary-movie, “Camino a Bollywood”.

“Camino a Bollywood” is story of Sara and her pursuit of her dream. Sara is a bollywood dancer in Barcelona. In fact, we met at the very first Bollywood party in Barcelona. I still remember that. I received an email from Sunny Singh. I was just 15 days old in Barcelona! The party was in street named, “Granada del Penedes”. That was the first bollywood party for both of us. Since then, I have been a witness of Sara’s journey. From being one of the anonymous partiers, she grew to become a performer of ‘bollywood dances’ at prestigious places like “La Paloma” and “Apolo” over the period of two years. I, being an Indian, a movie-buff and Sara’s friend, was an automatic choice for director of the movie, Raquel Barrera (also Sara’s sister), to be Sara's companion in her journey to Bollywood. Our journey to Mumbai was eventful, stressful and exciting. It was one of the strongest experiences of my life. This is where Dimitri was borne. Dimitri is the other half of my dual personality, who was hidden so far somewhere within me. Dimitri is exactly opposite of me. Well, who is Dimitri, we will talk some other day.

I won’t let the story out. But yeah, we did meet lots of important people in Bollywood. However, when the promotion of the movie started, I was taken by surprise. I didn’t have any idea as to what would be the level of promotion. Sara became an overnight star. She is synonym for ‘bollywood dances’ in Barcelona. That was somehow expected. But I also started appearing everywhere. I went to attend a press conference. I thought, I spoke such lousy things, nobody would ask me any question. But no! One journalist asked me about my experience and how would it help me in my phd. Another journalist from the prestigious newspaper “El Periódico” took a long interview. I gave an interview at Com Radio. There was a photo shoot. Meritxell, a friend and a well-wisher, exhausted two full roles on me and sara. I was still on a high after the press conference, when the day of premier of the documentary arrived. By now, it was promoted almost as a movie. In fact, it does have a look of a movie. Till that day, I hadn’t seen the entire movie. I was eager to see the movie.

The movie started. The second scene. I saw, Sara and myself, walking on sea shore. Symbolically starting our journey. In the background, starts the song “Sakhi maaro saybo suto…faliye dhaali dholiyo”, beautiful poetry written by Vinod Joshi, composed by genious Amar Bhatt and the sweetest voice in the universe, of Jahnavi Mehta, My sister! Some tears were urging to gush out, but I asked them to stay where they were, I didn’t want anything to obstruct my sight. I wanted to watch the movie properly. Scene after scene. Things were moving in front of me. Everything looked familiar and still it had a fresh feeling. When, it finally ended everybody rushed. To congratulate me and Sara. people were happy. Everyone was happy. Paloma’s mother (Paloma is girl friend of Alex Herrero, the editor of the movie), came to me and looked at me with a mother’s eyes, and told me “Para nosotros, eres lo mismo, cómo Shah Rukh Khan para vosotros” (For us, you are the same, as Shah Rukh Khan for you people). I had no words.

After the premier, Kim Page interviewed us for Radio Free, Barcelona. She asked us “What next?” I had no answer. In a phony manner I said, “Salvation!”. She must have thought, what a hypocrite! But friends! I was honest.

Next day, I was numb. Not in a position to think or do anything. A bit scared. I was asking myself, “Will this end here?” or “there is more to come?”. I hope this is not a one-off event, but the first step in a ‘long race’.