Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where Do Ideas Come From ?

Recently I read Charlie Chaplin’s autobiography where came across a very nice but small passage about ideas. Surprisingly, in the entire book, he doesn’t talk much about the process of movie making. He says that people asked him several times, as to from where did he get all the ideas to make movies. But he never had a satisfactory answer to that.

He says that ideas come from this deep and intense desire to have them. A mind with such a desire keeps searching for events that could provoke imagination. Later, things like music or sunset could give shape to ideas. He advises to pick up a provoking theme and expand it by getting involved in it. If, you can’t expand it then leave it and look for another theme. A good process to get what you want is one, which involves throwing off something from what we have accumulated.

However, he is the most impressive, when he says that ideas come from patience, until the stage of madness. Man should be able to bear pain as well as retain enthusiasm for a long time.
Well, most of what I have written here, we have heard elsewhere in one form or the other. The only reason, why I wanted to share this is because, it comes from one of the most creative geniuses of the human history. Economics tells us that access to unique information creates an advantage. But advancement in technology has nullified this information advantage. It’s hard to retain unique information about anything. Hence, the unique source of advantage now, is idea. This is where most of us are struggling. Be it movies, literature or business. Being original is the biggest challenge. The fastfood lifestyle has actually diminished our patience. Hence, reliance on sequels, imitations, copies, adaptations. The key to victory is, patience, until madness


Adriana said...

Kandarp!! Hey, how nice this test of you, no, let me rectify: all these tests of you.
I keep myself thinking about your words (or the words someone said). An introspective trip, I may say.
Never forget to tell me about new topics dear.

Kandarp said...


Obrigado...... :-)

Thanks for these inspiring words...

Sure, will let you know, every time I update something.