Monday, May 01, 2006

Whose Fault?

41 year old, K.Suryanarayana, an innocent engineer, father of three young children and son of a retired deputy collector K Chandreshkhar, was brutally beheaded. What for? For religion? For freedom? What was his fault? What is the fault of his young kids, Manisha, Anusha and Satya Teja?

Why was he abducted and killed? Not just because, he was a Hindu. But because he was an Indian. Because Talibans know that India is a potent country governed by impotent leaders. Killing Indians is easy and safe. If you kill an Indian, you can send strong signals across the international community. At the same time, you are also assured of ‘no retaliation’. Verbally, there will be some condemnation. But no reaction. No precautionary steps to ensure that such things wouldn’t happen in future. Indians are like free feast for all the terrorists. You can attack them at will. And you can achieve what you want.

Look at these photographs and tell me, were these people ever a threat to any religion, any faith? Did they deserve such grief and tragedy?
What is the mistake of these innocent people? What will they do now? Who will take care of these innocent kids, old parents and unfortunate wife?
What did government of India do?
Well, they mourned the death. They warned terrorists that India will not bow down to terrorists. I have never heard more funny things in life. Terrorists have already won this battle. Interestingly, I have some pictures from other parts of India, the same day.
The first picture is pro-reservation demonstration. The second picture is anti-reservation demonstration. This just shows, how successful our politicians are! They will never have to fight elections on issues like, unemployment, inflation, external debt, social security, law& order etc.
They will always have issues of religion, castes, communities and faiths to help them.
The great Uma Bharati has floated a new party. Rahul Gandhi is campaigning for his mother. Nothing has changed. Nothing is ever going to change. Innocent Indians, will keep being killed and beheaded. Our leaders will keep enjoying "divide and rule". We will never become humans, we will never be treated like humans.
We were, we are and we will always be "Voters".
Before, I finish this post, I receive more news. 36 innocent hindus were brutally killed in Jammu. And communal violence erupted in Vadodara. Indians will keep dying. .......
At times, I think.......
We are destined to remain "a nation of snake - charmers".........


Nirwa said...

Really ? Do you really think India is destined to remain a nation of snake charmers ?

There is definitely more to India than that.. What we need to do is take a firm stand on things. Politicians and political parties need to think beyong their personal gains. Instead of taking "Yatras" every second day, they need to work on the progress of the nation.

Why not take concrete steps against politicians which are actually criminals ? Such scams.. fodder scam and flood scam and all.. but because you happen to be a minister, you can get away with that..

Your anger/frustration is clearly visible on the current state of political affairs.. Yes, the PM and President need to go beyong "Hum iski ninda karte hai" thing..

Nice post! :)


Bhuvan Pathak said...

Nicely expressed thoughts, but I would like to suggest 1 thing, being an Indian, can't we initiate such Intl. movements which make Indians and the Govt. to feel about their own security. I know, writing a blog is easy, but to make and initiate such activities is too difficult as well. As you are from such bakground of commerce, where you will be able to speak with authority in future, i feel you will be one of those Indians, who will really think on such issues in reality to act upon, not by just confining to blogger.

Gops said...
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Gops said...

You don't seem to agree with Indian government's response/inaction. What would you do if you were the President of India?

Venkat Ramanan said...

Hey Kandy!
Yes, felt very bad after reading about those beheadings et al! There are multiple versions of the event where some say Surya went without escort, while everyone was adviced not to go without escorts! But, the bottomline is, he lost his precious life!
Our leaders certainly divide us all. We need more progressive thinkers are leaders, instead of dynastic or religiously affiliated politicians! I have complete confidence in Paritrana guys! Let us do what we can, by sensitising people around us about populist moves, bad economic decisions et al.

Cyberotter said...

My thoughts on Divide and Rule

Kandarp said...

@ Nirwa - well, when I wrote this, I was so disturbed, that I wrote such pessimistic things. You are right. Our politicians should get rid of "showbaazi" and learn to walk the talk.

@ Bhuvan - I know, blogging is not enough. But at least people like him, express themselves through medium of blog. At least it shows our will and intention. Probably, some day, this will and intention will make us do better things for the nation.

@ Gops - If I had that much maturity, as to know how to behave in such a situation, I would have been the president myself!
Well, the immediate response of the President and the Prime minister, was diplomatically and politically appropriate. I am questioning the long term policy and relative passivity of our governments.

@ Venky - yeah Thambi. you are right. It's the collective responsibility of people like us, to sensitize our fellow countrymen about problems we face.

@ Cyebrotter - I will check your blog and leave a comment. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks .. all of you !!

Bhuvan Pathak said...

Good Kandarp, nice feelings about the nation. I will surely keep this thing in my mind and try to follow for myself even in the future.
But pl. do not get tensed up with such situtation as you have mentioned in response to Nirwa's comment. These things are now normal routine for Indian Govt. I can relaize the situation of Suryanarayan's family. What we can do being an Indian, rather then to keep worried to go on some concrete action, which I feel to do in futuret too.


Shravani said...

Kandarp justifiably you were very disturbed like all of us here.

But it is equally pernicious assertion that life will go on like that in India or is what has been portrayed in the article.
India as a nation is much above any religion, caste, creed and no form of terrorism has ever been able to steal or diminish the pride of India from the heart of its people.

I totally disagree with you on another ground, that the president or prime minister of not taking adequate action.
What do you expect; we start giving deadlines like Bush or Osama, FOLLOW OUR ORDERS or get KILLED.
And what do we achieve with that? Are we going to get back the father of the kids or Husband to the wife? On the contrary we will be increasing the number of orphans and widows.
Having said that, be rest assured that we are a NUCLEAR POWER and our perseverance and tolerance should not be treated as an act of cowardice.

Alaka Yeravadekar said...

hardhitting.. and true..

Harris The Virus said...

one of the good blog works i have seen in some time. Very touching. Non-Violence ideology is a sham, Democracy a illusion. Its better to be more practical than to live on theories of non-violence and peace.