Monday, May 01, 2006

Whose Fault?

41 year old, K.Suryanarayana, an innocent engineer, father of three young children and son of a retired deputy collector K Chandreshkhar, was brutally beheaded. What for? For religion? For freedom? What was his fault? What is the fault of his young kids, Manisha, Anusha and Satya Teja?

Why was he abducted and killed? Not just because, he was a Hindu. But because he was an Indian. Because Talibans know that India is a potent country governed by impotent leaders. Killing Indians is easy and safe. If you kill an Indian, you can send strong signals across the international community. At the same time, you are also assured of ‘no retaliation’. Verbally, there will be some condemnation. But no reaction. No precautionary steps to ensure that such things wouldn’t happen in future. Indians are like free feast for all the terrorists. You can attack them at will. And you can achieve what you want.

Look at these photographs and tell me, were these people ever a threat to any religion, any faith? Did they deserve such grief and tragedy?
What is the mistake of these innocent people? What will they do now? Who will take care of these innocent kids, old parents and unfortunate wife?
What did government of India do?
Well, they mourned the death. They warned terrorists that India will not bow down to terrorists. I have never heard more funny things in life. Terrorists have already won this battle. Interestingly, I have some pictures from other parts of India, the same day.
The first picture is pro-reservation demonstration. The second picture is anti-reservation demonstration. This just shows, how successful our politicians are! They will never have to fight elections on issues like, unemployment, inflation, external debt, social security, law& order etc.
They will always have issues of religion, castes, communities and faiths to help them.
The great Uma Bharati has floated a new party. Rahul Gandhi is campaigning for his mother. Nothing has changed. Nothing is ever going to change. Innocent Indians, will keep being killed and beheaded. Our leaders will keep enjoying "divide and rule". We will never become humans, we will never be treated like humans.
We were, we are and we will always be "Voters".
Before, I finish this post, I receive more news. 36 innocent hindus were brutally killed in Jammu. And communal violence erupted in Vadodara. Indians will keep dying. .......
At times, I think.......
We are destined to remain "a nation of snake - charmers".........