Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Creation and The Creator

I envy Woody Allen. I hate Woody Allen. I envy him because he gets amazing and innovative ideas, he writes excellent scripts and he is astoundingly original in whatever he does. I hate him, because he has ventured into most of the creative terrains that could be covered through the medium of cinema. Nothing is left for me!!

Well, let me come to the point. I recently watched one of the lesser known works of Woody Allen; “A purple rose of Cairo”. The highlight of the story is that a character from the movie comes out in a cinema hall, falls in love with a woman sitting in the audience, and wants to live in the real world like real people. The actor who performed the character is worried that his character / his creation has gone out of control. The creator (actor) and the creation (character) confront each other and debate upon it.

This is one of the most puzzling questions in the arena of arts, who is bigger? The Creator or The Creation? History is replete with examples where creations have been immortalized while; creators have been obliterated from our memories. Followers of Indian cinema still remember Mother India, but the creator Mehboob Khan doesn’t ring a bell. Some years ago in a program where Lata Mangeshkar performed “Ay Mere Watan Ke Logo”, Dilip Kumar reminded the rest that, we have forgotten the creators of the song, Kavi Pradip (lyricist) and C. Ramchandra (Composer). Amjad Khan is still remembered as Gabbar Singh. Pankaj Kapur is still remembered as Karamchand. Well, Pankaj Kapur also featured in a TV serial titled “Mr. Fantush”. Here Mr. Fantush is a character of a novel that comes out and goes out of control of the writer (performed by Anang Desai). Al PAcino’s Simone and Jim Carrey’s “The Truman Show”, stand out as one of the most interesting movies on a related theme. Simone has a unique story. Al Pacino is a movie director who creates a virtual character called Simone. Nobody knows that Simone is a virtual character; everyone believes that it’s a real woman. Unfortunately, Pacino is overshadowed by his own creation. His grief reaches an extent where he has to create death of his own character. The Truman Show may not be on similar path. The only difference is that here, the director (Ed Harris) treats a real person as a character. However, the real person denies to be treated like a character and leaves the false world he was forced to live in. does this happen to characters as well? Probably yes. Some characters are created so strong that they just deny living a life forced within their limits. They want to break free. Eventually, they do it also. Creations run away from the shackles of the creator and enter the public domain.

Creations are like kids. They have their own lives. Some of them, live longer much longer than the creator. Some of them just fade away in no time. Da Vinci passed away centuries ago; but Mona Lisa is still in her youth!


Nirwa said...

I want to believe that the creation is bigger..

Books, movies, art.. you name it and you can come up with number of things about the creation.. but not the one who wrote, directed or created them!!

For instance, Catcher In The Rye - an amazing book.. I could relate myself to Holden for a number of reasons.. I've felt aimless many times.. still do..

Or, take The Godfather - Make me an offer I cannot refuse.. these things have created a very deep impact.. however, I can't relate myself to J.D. Salinger or Mario Puzo for that matter..

Yes, they are no doubt great, but their creation is greater!

I am not sure if my comment has any relation to your post, but these are just my thoughts!! :)


Kandarp said...

@ Nirwa

Nice comments and definitely relevant.

Surprisingly, recently I wrote a play to perform in our theatre group here; where I have shown the character of Godfather talking and claiming that the character itself is bigger than Mario Puzzo, Marlon Brando and Coppolla. In fact, this post was a parallel thought of that play.

Thanks again

Keep blogging!

dev said...

ur article reminds me of pinocchio.
a classic example of the creator n creation.

creators greates joy lies in the fact that his creation is more recognised than he is..

u don't relateurself to chetan bhagat.. but u can easily relate urself to any of his characters from five point someone.
thats the reason the cretions get more popularity.!