Thursday, November 10, 2005

When shall we learn?

Riots in France have again exposed us to the problem that entire mankind has been trying to eradicate for more than a century – Racism. Time and again in different quarters of the world, immigrants and foreigners have been accusing local governments of racism. Last week, Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o, who plays for Barcelona, was subjected to racist chants by a section of the audience, when his team played against Getafe, a club at Madrid. In last season, several players of African origin playing in different football leagues in Europe complained of racist abuse by some audiences. Racist conflicts have also entered corporate corridors. Recently an Indian executive has been expelled from the job, after he filed a lawsuit against his employer – non other than City group – for racial discrimination. It is not just that, the white exert racism against the black. Racism goes beyond the skin colour. Ethnic conflicts in countries like Malaysia, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka have damaged the social and cultural fabric of these countries as much as possible.
The question is why do we still have ethnic differences? Why our education systems are not strong enough to remove ethnic prejudices and stereotypes from the minds of people? In Sanskrit the term for a human being is ‘Manushya’. Which literally means ‘those coming from Manu’. (Manu is considered to be the father of the mankind.) When we all know that we all have the same root, why such conflicts? When shall we learn?

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Nirwa said...

I don't know when we'll learn.. but I do hope we learn before we disappear from the face of the Earth!!