Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Color Esperanza

Yesterday was Deepawali. The biggest festival of Indians. Deepawali is festival of lights - festival of hope. Lamps lit on Deepawali, are a symbol of hope and optimism. Hope and optimism play a big role in life.
Anybody who has seen the movie, 'Life is Beautiful', by Roberto Benigni, would remember brief mention of Schopenhauer. In a scene Guido (Benigni's character) is told by his friend Ferruccio, "Schopenhauer says that with willpower, you can do anything.’I am what I want to be'." This may not be correct interpretation of Schopenhauer's work, but it has an important message. In life most of us undergo periods of doom and depression. But life always provides us with opportunities of bouncing back. Every doom precedes redemption. Every sunset is destined to be followed by a sunrise. All this may sound a cliché. But how often we badly such cliché to drive us out of our depression.
Sports - is where we can find maximum examples of such redemption. Some of them are almost magical. After being written off by fans and critics, Andre Agassi bounced back to become one of the greatest players of Tennis History. After being blamed for 'boyish' behaviour in the Pre-Quarterfinal against Argentina in 1998, David Beckham led England to win as a Skipper against the same Argentina four years later. However, Lives of all greats in all fields are full of such 'bounce-back' stories.
Let me share lyrics of a nice Spanish song, by Diego Torres (A famous Argentine Singer)
Saber que se puede; Querer que se pueda
Quitarse los miedos; Sacarlos a fuera
Pintarse la cara; Color esperanza
Tentar al futuro; con el corazón
(To know what one can (do) ; To want that one can (do)
To take off the fears; and throw them away
To paint the face, with colour of hope
To have a go at the future, with all the heart)
It is very important to keep up this spirit in life. It is really difficult to get rid of our own fears. It is easy to dream for a bright future, but it is really difficult to believe in one. Because, when you believe in something, you need to commit yourself to your belief. And the journey beyond commitment is full of pain and torture. Once I heard an Indian actor, Dr. Shriram Lagoo, who was a very successful Medical Surgeon before taking up acting as a full-time profession at the age of 41. He said, "When you pursue your passion, you need to undergo unbearable torture. But when you look back, you find that the torture you underwent was the most memorable and joyous period of your life."
According to our calendar (Vikram Samvat), Today is the first day of our new year (2062). Let's decide on the first day to paint our faces with colour of hope and optimism and have a go at the future, with all our heart!!! (Today I am attaching a photograph, and I am giving it a title 'Colour Esperanza' i.e. Colour of hope.....What do you think?)


chocantolate said...

i love the photo and the commentary. to come to terms with our fears and face up to them even daring to believe in the dreams we have and start to realise them, make them reality, is one of the biggest tasks for a human being. it is much easier to walk away from fears and pain and live an ordinary life as expected by all, conform with whatever is easiest and most acceptable in one´s personal little world. but i believe that happiness will come when we dare to live in harmony with ourselves and live up to the consequences of that!

looking forward to you coming back!

*kel said...

I absolutely love the new entry. I happen to know the song cos our spanish teacher in cuarto nivel gave us the lyrics and let us listen to the song in class. It's old tho right? And the title is perfect for the picture! Bravo, looking forward to more entries. k